Most Common Reasons Why Opossums Sometimes Die in Our Colorado House

It is not uncommon to encounter a dead Pueblo opossum in our house especially in the space beneath our house. This place has the elements they need to rear their young ones. When in the wild, it will be challenging for them to look for piles of rocks. This is why they prefer to live close to humans. While living close to the humans, they will die due to various reasons.

Different Causes of Opossum’s Death

The Colorado opossum will die on the space beneath our house because of multiple reasons. There are instances that it will be caused by natural factors. They can be infected by pathogens or they may suffer from the attack of the predators. They can also ingest bait with poison.


While the Pueblo opossum will be the unlikely host of pathogens, there are still diseases that can affect their wellbeing. Sometimes, the disease will be severe that may cause their death. Most wild animals will not show any symptoms when they are sick just like the opossum. You will need to be alert to identify the common signs of their disease. You need to be careful when interacting with the carcass of the opossum. There are some pathogens that can survive in the dead body such as Tularemia. Wear proper footwear and face mask to avoid contracting the disease.

Attack from the Predator

Opossums are passive creatures and will choose to flee away from dangers rather than to confront them. However, there are some instances when they will acquire injury from the attack of the predator. Even on the off chance that the injury seems to be superficial, the wound can still be infected that may cause their death. When an opossum is attacked it will normally release a foul stench and play dead. Some animals will choose to avoid them but there are still animals that will attack them while they are playing dead.


The Colorado opossum can also die from rodenticide. If you plan to deal with your infestation by using poison, the creature may end up dead in the space below our house. We abhor the use of poison since it will not necessarily provide you with a long-term result. On top of that, it comes with several risks. It can expose your pets and family to the same level of dangers. The poison will release chemicals that can irritate the respiratory tract. Rodenticide can be available in pellet form and have sweet smell. It is not unlikely for your kids to mistake them for candies. 

The Pueblo opossum will play dead when in the presence of danger. They will also release a foul decaying stench. Be sure that the creature is really dead before you dispose them. In order to be sure about this, let the professionals deal with them. They will take care of everything from the removal of the dead body to the proper disposal of the carcass. They can also decontaminate your house to keep your place safe for the entire family.

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