How to Remove a Colorado Rat that Is Trapped in the Dumpster Safely

If you found a Pueblo rat trapped in your dumpster, you are probably at lost on what to do next. Some people will advise you to simply close the dumpster and wait for it to die. However, this will be too cruel. The rats are clever creature, if you give it enough opportunity to escape the dumpster it won’t take too long until it will successfully get out of the trashcan. 

Tips to Rescue the Rat Trapped in Your Dumpster

The Colorado rats are opportunistic eaters. They will eat almost anything that is available in their environment. Sometimes their persistence will lead them to our dumpster. When collecting their foods, the rats will not think about their escape route. They will find it difficult to get out of our dumpster and may die if we don’t help them.

Open the Dumpster

Encouraging the Pueblo rats to get out of our dumpster is as easy as opening the lid of the trash can. However, you might have to leave it open for a short period. This can potentially invite the other wild creatures such as the raccoons that can worsen your problem. In order to encourage them to leave the trash bin, you can simply put a plank of wood. The rats will immediately understand that this is an escape route. This way, you will never have to deal with a dead rat inside your garbage can.

Tip Over the Garbage Can

In case your trash can is located outside your Colorado house, simply tip over the garbage can that will allow the rat to escape. However, this method would be messy and can make your problem worse. Furthermore, if you aren’t too careful you can end up injuring the rat. This is why we still recommend you to use the first tip.

How to Avoid this Situation

No one wants to encounter a trapped Colorado rat inside their dumpster. This is why you need to prevent the rats from being attracted to your garbage can. Start by keeping your dumpster clean. Remove all the residue of wastes outside by cleaning it with a mixture of bleach and water. You should also keep the trash can properly covered. In case the lid of the garbage bin will not perfectly fit, place a heavy item on top of the cover. Rats are nocturnal creatures; they will be highly active during the night time. In order to prevent them from ransacking our dumpster, store your garbage bin indoors at night.

Once you release the Pueblo rat from the dumpster, it is highly possible that it will return inside your house. Before you recue the rat, conduct preventative measures that will keep the rats outdoors. Look for any possible entry points and seal it using metal sheets or hardware cloth. You should also remove their nesting materials and other attractants inside your house. If the infestation persists, it is time for you to ask the assistance of the professionals. They have the knowledge and the equipments needed to find a long lasting solution to your problem. 

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